The Cellist


I am an ardent cellist, a dedicated educator, and a music enthusiast at heart. My life revolves around the soul-stirring melodies of the cello, and I find immense joy in sharing the magic of this instrument with anyone eager to learn or simply listen. My musical journey has led me to study at The University of St. Thomas, where I have honed my craft and deepened my understanding of the cello's rich history and diverse repertoire. I am proud to be a member of The ECHO Orchestra, where I contribute my talent and passion to creating captivating and harmonious performances. Teaching is my calling, and I have had the privilege of guiding aspiring musicians on their own journeys of musical discovery. Through private lessons throughout the vibrant Houston area, I aim to inspire, nurture, and cultivate the talents of my students, instilling in them not only technical proficiency but also a deep appreciation for the beauty of music. Simultaneously, my exploration of the piano at Lone Star College has broadened my musical horizons, allowing me to explore new dimensions of creativity and expression. My love for the cello and piano knows no bounds, and I believe that music has the power to touch the soul and bridge the gaps between us.

A very special thank you to Lauren D. for taking these photos!